I believe all bookkeepers are capable of learning and becoming QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors, if they are willing to set aside the time and effort to learn the clear roadmap to best prepare for this Certification exam and learn the abundance of benefits that comes with it. 

In this 10-day online challenge, we will uncover the guided roadmap of what it takes to become a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor and finally complete this GOAL to Get Certified. And the best part is that you will take this journey alongside your peers and with the guidance and support of an Intuit QuickBooks Trainer!

This is the Community Support Challenge that keeps you accountable to set this Certification GOAL and Complete It in just 10 days!

  • Ready to join a supportive community to complete your goal to get QuickBooks Online Certified in just 10 days alongside other determined bookkeeping and accounting peers?
  • Ready to get the full scoop on the learning resources and abundance of benefits the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program has to offer directly from an Intuit QuickBooks Trainer?
  • Ready to learn fundamental QuickBooks Online tips & techniques to manage small business finances in QuickBooks Online?
  • Do you have, or are you willing to open, a personal Facebook profile (no sketchy ones permitted) to be part of this LIVE challenge that will be held in a private Facebook group?

If you answered YES to ALL the questions above,
then you are in the RIGHT place!

Hi, I'm Mariette Martinez.

I’m the founder of MasterYourBooks, a learning center where intentional bookkeepers become financially confident from the inside out.

We serve bookkeeping professionals that are ready to become more confident, knowledgeable and connected with themselves and the small business clients they serve with excellence.

We believe Bookkeeping is one of the most intimate relationships in business and that it takes vulnerability to truly serve from the heart! 

Let me break down this challenge for you!

This challenge is ideal for newer accounting, bookkeeping and/or tax professionals that are ready to choose Intuit’s QuickBooks Online accounting software (US Based Version Only) as their accounting tool to manage small business finances for their clients.  

This means you are on the professional journey to serve small businesses using Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and you are setting a goal to become more proficient in this software by getting certified in QuickBooks Online and becoming a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor.

It's also for the professional who has let their QuickBooks Online Certifications expire and they are choosing to learn the entire certification learning journey to get fully certified once again.


This LIVE challenge is to support each other during our preparation for the QuickBooks Online Certification Exam (US Based Version only).

This dedicated community support and accountability challenge will keep us on the right track alongside our peers to meet our goal of becoming certified.

It’s the missing piece for so many to set this GOAL and actually complete it so we can move forward on our professional path as #NewAgeBookkeepers.


If you are here to get answers to the QuickBooks Online Certification Exam or get personal help to help pass this exam, do NOT pass go ❌; this is NOT the challenge for you! 

We will not be covering the QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification, Re-Certification and/or the QuickBooks Desktop Certification in this challenge. 

This challenge is NOT sponsored by Intuit QuickBooks in any way and will not cover any specific exam questions or exam tech support of any kind. All exam preparation training will be referred back to the Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program website and educational materials.

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