WHY is this important?

Because YOU deserve to know what your opportunities areπŸ‘‰

  • Higher-income services
  • Stand out in your field
  • Create a path to build your role
  • Stay ahead of the curve with tech

KNOW YOUR ROLE to deliver higher-valued services that COUNT!

In just 4 days, we will cover:

  • The common accounting roles and how to get clearer on your role
  • The common accounting services and how to focus on what to offer
  • The process to assess client needs to choose the services you'll provide
  • The action plan to expand your biz for more money, time and impact

This FREE 4-day training series will be held Monday, April 24th through Thursday, April 27th, 2023 with live 30-40 minute training + Q&A every day at 10am PT/ 12pm CT/ 1pm ET.

We will celebrate πŸŽ‰ with you on Friday, April 28th!

We are going to...

  • Learn and interact with your peers through live sessions

  • Implement your learning with daily action tasks

  • Build community through a Facebook group

  • Feel Empowered to Stand Out and build your role

Hi, I'm Mariette Martinez.

I’m the founder of MasterYourBooks, a learning center where bookkeepers and accountants become financially confident and empowered to serve their ideal small business clients.

At MasterYourBooks, we believe Bookkeeping is one of the most intimate relationships in business. We believe in strengthening your financial fundamentals and confidence first so that you can deliver value and massive impact to the ideal clients that you serve every day.

Now is the time to EXPAND from bookkeeper to booked-out consultant!

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