The Path to Financial Confidence
As A Small Business Owner

MONDAY OCTOBER 26, 2020 10amPacific/1pmEastern


The Path to Financial Confidence
As A Small Business Owner

MONDAY OCTOBER 26, 2020 at 10amPacific/1pmEastern

During this live training webinar, we will: 

Break down the small business success puzzle and learn how we can get on the path to entrepreneurial long-term sustainability & success

Get clear on how to manage business bookkeeping and taxes by answering the most common questions around taking financial control

Learn the basics to get started as a Financially Literate, Tech-Forward Entrepreneur, even if we have no prior financial background

Uncover how a Growth Financial Mindset directly impacts our financial confidence & paves a clear path for financial mindfulness

Learn the necessary roles of a collaborative financial success team so that we do not feel alone on this entrepreneurial journey

We will also share Done-For-You Templates & Checklists!


Build Your Financial Literacy Superpowers

Done-for-You Worksheet Templates & Checklists that Entrepreneurs can use to manage their small business finances and taxes and track daily cash flow management in real-time



  • Cash Flow
  • Yearly Activity
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Estimated Taxes
  • Home Office

This Training will Unleash the Financially Confident Entrepreneur Inside of You!

Is this right for you?

This masterclass has been designed to speak directly to the small business community AND the financial professionals that serve them.

All entrepreneurs need to learn and speak the universal language of money so they can speak confidently about their business's numbers and transform their financial data into dollars. But it shouldn't be SO HARD!

This webinar breaks down finances and taxes into plain words and steps to replace the fear and overwhelm with clarity and confidence!

The Done-For-You templates and checklists provide the tools to take immediate action!

We cover the framework to monitor the financial health of your business and build long-term sustainable profits and wealth through entrepreneurship.

This is our opportunity to learn and grow together so that no business is left behind to due the lack of financial education and awareness.

We'll Break Down Small Business Finances into Plain Words and Steps

Introducing the

End-to-End Accounting Lifecycle

About Your Guide

Hi! I'm Mariette Martinez.

After 20+ years working with small businesses as a financial and tax accountant, my entrepreneurial spirit is still going strong and my journey has evolved from practitioner to educator/advisor.

My current professional passion is to share my vast knowledge and strong intentional connections with the small business community and with the financial professionals that serve them. My mission is to spread financial literacy awareness and deliver focus-driven education around the importance of financial and business literacy for small business long-term financial success.

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Learn the 5 Keys to Building Your Entrepreneurial Finances & Taxes Knowledge at Any Level

I want EVERY Entrepreneur to have the opportunity to become financially literate, so there are 2 options to register for this training on your budget.


Live Attendance
+ Q&A Session

If you know that you'll definitely be able to attend LIVE on Monday October 26, 2020 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern and you don't need full access to the replay, handouts and any of the bonus materials - then this is the option for you.

Just show up and join me for this 2 hour LIVE webinar plus Ask your Qs during the Open Mic session.

Just $27


Live Attendance
+ Q&A Session
+ Replay
+ Bonuses + Course Updates

If you're not sure you can attend live (but would like the option to) and you want full access to the replay, handouts and bonus materials - then this option is the one for you.

  • Full access to the LIVE WEBINAR and the WEBINAR REPLAY through online platform
  • Full access to BONUSES including presentation handouts, checklists, spreadsheets and any additional items provided in the live training
  • Full access to FUTURE UPDATES made to this on-demand course including additional checklists, helpful resources & partner discounts

Just $97


We've got A's for your Q's

Why are there 2 payment options?

I feel so passionate about this financial education getting into the hands of EVERY entrepreneur that I want to keep this in every one's budget. That is why ANYONE can attend the LIVE training at $27.

However, if you choose to go for the FULL access, you will have plenty of time to rewatch and review the training at your leisure and have access to all the materials provided for an entire year.

You will also have access to future updates, partner discounts and bonuses added to this course and you don't have to pay anything more! Your choice!

What if I'm not good at numbers?

If numbers is not your thing, this masterclass will break down finances and taxes in plain words.

We will share Done For You templates that require simple data entry for the totals to calculate for you. No difficult math to clearly see the health of your business and how much money is flowing in and out.

What if I'm a new entrepreneur?

If you're brand new, this is your opportunity to see the bigger picture of entrepreneurship from the start. You'll learn a ton about financial best practices, terminology, and how to jump start your small business finances.

And the best part is you will have the tools and templates to get started!

How do I know this course is for me?

Are you ready to admit that there maybe something missing in your small business financial education background and you are open to learning it now?

Are you ready to admit that you may have missed a few steps around learning the fundamentals to small business finances and taxes and you are open to learn the steps to turn your data into dollars?

Are you OPEN to Thinking in Abundance and Believing that with the right knowledge, tools, team and mindset, you and your business are capable of so much more than where you are right now?

If you answered YES to any or all of the Qs above, this course is for YOU!

What if I'm a financial professional?

This course gives both the entrepreneur and their financial professional the fundamental framework to start talking about the importance of financial literacy and money management for small business sustainability and success.

After serving both communities for over 2 decades, I have learned first hand that these conversations are not being had. This course is your opportunity to open those lines of communication and have both parties start speaking the universal language of business.